Andrew Vincent from Shred On Site was recently invited to speak on 3AW regarding the increase in document fraud and the importance of document shredding while promoting a free shredding session hosted by Shred On Site. The free shredding session was held on Caulfield Cup day, 15th October, from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon at Elwood Surf Lifesaving Club and was a resounding success.

The host expressed concerns about the number of people increasingly falling victim to fraud, and often that is accomplished by papers being retrieved from rubbish bins and letterboxes. These stolen papers are then used by criminals to access bank accounts where they set up new credit cards and the like, often leaving innocent victims to clean up the mess with various institutions.

Andrew was quizzed on the details of the free shredding day and the importance of using the services of a professional shredding service such as Shred On Site.

So if people bring their documents to you, you will shred it for them?

We certainly will. We have a mobile shredding truck that contains a commercial-sized shredding machine inside. If people bring their bags, suitcases or backpacks full of documents, we are happy to shred them.

What do you do most of the time? Are you a professional shredder?

Yes. As I said, we have a mobile shredding truck so we deal mostly with accountants, lawyers and real estate agents that require a regular service where we pick up their documents and shred them on site. Other clients have regular purges where they wish to shred in bulk.

Is there a website where people can get further information on mobile document shredding?

Yes. Our website is and everything you need to know about our shredding service is there. In addition, you will find our contact details if you wish to make an appointment or discuss your requirements.