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Shred On Site Melbourne and Shred On Site Geelong – we shred your confidential documents ON SITE.

Shred On Site Melbourne and Shred On Site Geelong is locally owned and operated, and started in Melbourne in 2014. We began after a number of incidents that highlighted the ever increasing danger of identity theft and the ease with which it can occur – and also coincided with the enactment of the Federal Government’s Privacy Amendment (Enhancement Privacy Protection) Act 2012 which commenced on the 12th March 2014. We are now Victoria’s longest running, most experienced and largest ON SITE document shredding company. Mobile Shredding with Shred On Site

The owners have a wide range of business experience but a number of personal experiences and frustration with existing methods of confidential document destruction methods, in particular, lead to the establishment of Shred On Site.

AAA Certification

Shred On Site is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction – Australia and New Zealand chapter (NAID-ANZ). We are one of just a few companies in Victoria that is NAID AAA Certified – this means our processes, procedures and training of team members follow world’s best practice.

Personal Identity Theft

A family member had their drivers licence and credit card details stolen through the carelessness and lack of procedures at a company where they were a customer. The perpetrators went on a six month spending spree that saw multiple credit cards used and thousands of dollars of goods bought all around Melbourne and online.
Mobile Shredding with Shred On Site

Identity Theft Numbers are Growing in Australia

The ABS (2012) estimated that a total of 1.2 million Australians in 2010-11 were victims of personal fraud. This equates to a national victimisation rate for personal fraud of 6.7% of the population aged 15 years and over. This is an increase from the 806,000 victims of personal fraud in 2007 (5.0%). Australians lost $1.4 billion in 2010-11 due to personal fraud.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012, Personal Fraud 2010-2011, Cat 4528.0, Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Office Cleanout

It was time for the office cleanout. There were hundreds of client files and business documents (i.e. tax returns, bank statements, files, business plans, personnel files) held in storage. One option was to use a small office shredder but it would have taken forever to remove all the staples, bulldog clips, plastic sleeves and take all the paper out of the binders.

General recycling was out of the question after seeing a bin of business documents knocked over at the local shopping strip and bank statements and other business information blowing down the street.

Research showed that in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and many parts of Europe you could get shredding done on-site. Unfortunately in Melbourne only off-site shredding services were available.

A service provider was chosen only to discover on the day of pickup that all the files would be taken to a shed and be sorted by hand into different grades of paper and other products (i.e. plastic, metal and cardboard), THEN shredded and recycled. It took a leap of faith but it was difficult not to have that nagging feeling of doubt as the compactor garbage truck drove off with all the confidential documents on board. When would they be shredded? How would you know when/if they had been shredded?

Compliant Document Destruction

The new Federal Government’s Privacy Amendment (Enhancement Privacy Protection) Act 2012 was enacted on the 12 March 2014. Australian businesses now need to know about the Act and how it applies to their industry and business type.

In particular, businesses need to comply with Australian Privacy Principle 11 (APP11); businesses need to take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected. Directors/owners and senior managers of companies are responsible for what happens to private information from creation to destruction – even if destruction occurs somewhere AFTER it has left the business premises.

Shredding all confidential documents on site is the safest and most secure way to comply with this part of the Act.

Mobile Document Destruction

Based on these experiences and seeing the need to protect personal and business information, Shred On Site was established to service the Victorian market.
Mobile Shredding with Shred On Site

Our goal is to offer a totally secure document, clothing and e-waste destruction service while giving customers peace of mind. Customers can even watch the destruction happen BEFORE it leaves the premises.

Shred On Site is the first business set up in Victoria to focus exclusively on mobile document destruction. We have researched the world market and purchased the latest in mobile shredding technology vehicles from North America to deliver a fast, reliable and totally secure service.

Our mobile shredding vehicles, driven by Federally Police checked Customer Service Operators, will visit your business on a regular basis to empty your locked security bins and shred your confidential materials on-site.

Compliance Partner

We are committed to providing up-to-date information on the Privacy Amendment (Enhancement Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and practical guidelines and implementation advice via our associated business partner Privacyi.

Shred All Policy

We recommend all businesses consider adopting a ‘Shred All Policy”. This has rapidly become best practice in many countries around the world as the only way to protect your business, client and personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Environmentally Conscious

We are committed to ensuring that all shredded materials are recycled and do not end up in landfill.

We offer a 100% guarantee that all shredded paper is pulped and then recycled into products like office paper, tissue paper, pizza boxes and other paper based materials. Shred On Site 100% recycled
Mobile Shredding with Shred On Site

The shredded material from branded clothing or uniforms is recycled into products such as bedding and insulation.

We are also committed to minimising our environmental footprint in our day-to-day operations in the way we run our offices and vehicles.

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We are a mobile document shredding & destruction company that specialises in shredding confidential documents on-site for total security and peace of mind. All shredded paper is 100% recycled. We provide one-off and regular services.


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