Shred On Site Melbourne and Shred On Site Geelong specialise in compliant document destruction and shred all documents on site.

Why is it important to review how my business manages the destruction of confidential documents?
  • To start with it just makes good business sense. You need to protect your business information from corporate espionage and possible litigation; your customers and employees need protection from identity theft and you can increase efficiency by outsourcing a service that is best handled by professionals.
  • Secondly, how a business handles personal and sensitive information is part of the Federal Government’s Privacy Amendment (Enhancement Privacy Protection) Act 2012 which commenced on the 12th March 2014. Depending on the size of your business and what you do, there are fines of up to $1.7m for non-compliance.
Why use an ‘on-site’ shredding service rather than other services?
  • Shred On Site’s mobile document shredding service is fast, efficient and done there and then.
  • Eliminates the risk associated with your documents leaving the premises in a readable form.
  • You can even watch the destruction process taking place on the CCTV cameras set up in the back of the truck.
  • We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as a record that the destruction has taken place.
How do I present my confidential documents for shredding?
  • Initially we will collect your documents in whatever containers or boxes you have them stored in. We can even help you remove them directly from shelves or a storage room. Most businesses tend to use archive boxes. We stack the boxes into a 240 wheelie bin (each bin takes 6-7 boxes) or empty the contents straight into the bin if you wish to reuse the boxes.
  • If you choose to have an ongoing service then we provide you with a 240 litre wheelie bin with a lock that can only be opened by your Shred On Site Customer Service Operator. A nominated person in your business can also have a key to be kept in a secure place and only used sparingly.
Do I need to remove clips, plastic, metal etc.?
  • There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, paper fasteners, bulldog clips, spiral bound notebooks, hard back diaries, manila folders, lateral files etc. We will shred the lot ON SITE. Plastic just needs to be kept to a minimum.
Identity Theft is Growing
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How long does the shredding process take?
  • The bin is taken to the mobile shredding truck where a loading arm picks up the bin, lifts it to the top of the shredding hopper and drops all the contents in to be shredded in around 1-2 minutes.
  • The truck has the latest in shredding technology from North America and can shred up to 2,000 kg per hour (approximately 150 document storage boxes per hour).
How often does shredding take place?
  • It is recommended that you have a service the takes place on a regular basis. This can protect you legally as you can prove that you have taken ‘reasonable steps’ by having a procedure in place for destroying confidential information on a regular basis.
  • However we will work with your requirements and can offer one-off, at-call or regularly scheduled services e.g. daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Is the shredded paper recycled?
  • Yes it is 100% recycled. When the truck is full it contains around 4 tonnes of shredded material. This is taken to a paper recycling company and unloaded to be pulped and turned into paper products.
What does it cost?
  • Services start from around $2 per day depending on your location, number of bins and frequency of service. Call us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with a no-obligation free quote.
  • We offer competitive prices for a premium service.
How can I be certain that all my confidential documents have been destroyed?
  • Either you or a member of your team can watch the destruction process on the truck’s CCTV. Each bin is taken directly from your office to the loading arm of the truck. Only then is the key used to unlock the bin. Our Customer Service Operator never looks at the contents of the bin. The bin is then locked again and taken back to your office.
How long should you keep financial documents be kept before you destroy them?

The following should be kept for a minimum of FIVE years:

  • Taxation records for individuals and small business entities must keep documents from the date of the lodgement of your tax return or the date a dispute with the ATO is settled.
  • Minutes of meetings, lists of members and other corporate records.
  • In the case of depreciating assets – 5 years from the date of the last claim.
  • Assets which are subject to capital gains tax following the disposal of the asset.

Refer to the Australian Taxation office website for further information regarding record keeping requirements.


Records relating to workers compensation as a former employee can make a claim up until the employee’s death.

Also check with your industry association or State Laws:
  • Real Estate Agents in Victoria must keep records relating to their trust accounts for 7 years.
  • After the enactment of the Travel Agents Repeal Act Vic 2014 (enacted on 1st July 2014), it is recommended by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) that Travel Agents should consider safe and compliant destruction of this information to ensure there is no breach of your client’s personal information. There are no set time restrictions for how long you are required to keep personal client information.
What materials can’t be shredded?
  • Food waste
  • Tissues, toilet paper or hand towels
  • Wax coated paper
  • Polystyrene
  • Drink cartons, aluminium cans or other drink containers
  • It is preferred that most plastics and any metal be removed.

Please contact your Shred On Site Customer Service Operator for advice if you have any doubts or concerns on what you have to be shredded.

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