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IT Collect by Shred On Site offers a full-service electronic waste (e-waste) removal, destruction service called e-Waste recycling. We come to you. We do all the hard work. We remove everything from your room, shed, and a storage unit or wherever you have your e-waste stored and take it away to be disassembled, shredded and recycled.

E-Waste Recycling Growth

The amount of e-waste in Australia is growing three times faster than general municipal waste. It is estimated that just for televisions and computers, the amount of e-waste generated in Australia will grow by 60% to 223,000 tonnes in 2023. To protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from entering landfill from 1 July 2019. Shred On Site’s e-waste recycling and removal service can assist you in complying with these new laws while helping to contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

How Does Our e-Waste Service Work?

One of our vehicles will come to your nominated location – all you need to do is identify what needs to go and our accredited Customer Service Operator(s) will do the rest. We will make a list of the e-waste items, secure them in the vehicle and take them to our recycling partner.

Shred On Site has partnered with one of Australia’s most experienced recycling companies where responsible and ethical recycling is supported by ISO9001, ISO14001 and certified to R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling) which is the most stringent recycling certification that is available.

Their extensive network of downstream recycling partners means that 92-95% of all materials will be recycled.

With e-Waste your Confidential Information is SECURE

You no longer have to risk leaving your electronic goods at the local government transfer station or out on the nature strip where the next person that comes along can take them. Additionally, Shred On Site ensures that your electronic waste items are not bundled up and on-sold to be refurbished and resold either in Australia or overseas.

All e-waste items are disassembled and the various components are sorted into their recycling streams:

  • Computer recycling includes Hard drives, solid state drives, memory chips etc. are all shredded. There is no risk of your data being accessed by anyone.
  • Batteries are removed and recycled to approved environmental standards.
  • Printer/fax toner/ink cartridges are removed and recycled.
  • The remaining plastic, glass and metal components are shredded and sorted into their correct recycling streams.

We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your items have been destroyed (there is an additional fee if you need an itemised certificate with serial numbers recorded).

We base our costs on volume of the items, weight, access and distance to travel to and from your location to our various recycling partners. We are more than just a courier service – we offer a full service, professional, collection and destruction service at an affordable price.

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Shred on site were brilliant. Efficient, very helpful and pleasant to deal with.They answered my email enquiry within the day by phone, I made an appointment time for the van to come to my home for the following week.It arrived on time with a pleasant driver. I watched my documents shredded. They also took away an old printer and phone fax. I highly recommend this service and will use it again.
Great service. 15 years of company accounts gone. I feel cleansed. The truck came. The bin was wheeled in, filled and then all my confidential files were eaten by the truck. Good riddance!!Thankyou ShredOnSite.
This is a great service. They kept me informed of the process, arrived on time and answered the questions I asked. I only had a few cartons but I was treated as if I was a large business. Thank you Shred on Site.
Great service, fast and assured. A fantastic way to deal with all those confidential documents you don't want to have to sort!
Shred on Site did an amazing job shredding 40 years of paperwork and cardboard after closing our drafting business. Great value for money.very efficient, fast and clean. Great for peace of mind. Thank you.
I have used this company both business and personal shredding. All times customer service was excellent and they were oh so helpful. I found the pricing reasonable and have been more than very satisfied with their procedures. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
come right to where the paperwork was boxed. destruction in front of me. Very quick and no mess at all. polite and professional
Great service, we used to use this company for our business shredding when we lived in Melbourne. We now live in a coastal town but were able to meet the truck on it's mobile rounds and have our shredding down in about 5 minutes! Extremely convenient, friendly and easy to organise.
This was so easy to arrange and communication with company was spot on. Everything was as promised. It was cheaper as a one off to take our documents to a site where they had a regular commitment. A quick call to say they would be there in 20 mins. and it was all done. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again or recommend.

Why Choose Shred On Site?

We are a mobile document shredding & destruction company that specialises in shredding confidential documents on-site for total security and peace of mind. All shredded paper is 100% recycled. We provide one-off and regular services.

  • Shred at your Premises
  • Total Security and Peace of Mind
  • Privacy Law Compliant
  • 100% Recycled
  • Cost Effective