Why Mobile Document Shredding?

We specialise in mobile document destruction shredding. This means we come to you with our mobile shredding vehicles and shred your confidential documents ON SITE.

Individuals and businesses have a range of options to choose from when disposing of their confidential documents. Many people still dispose of their confidential documents through general waste or recycling bins. This comes with a great deal of risk and if any confidential information was to end up on the wrong hands you can incur fines of up to $1.7million for a breach of the Privacy Act 2012.

Other options are to have your confidential documents stored in a locked cupboard or storage unit before being shredded. Many people still shred their confidential documents themselves but this comes with its challenges and limitations.

Hiring a professional mobile document destruction company like us for your shredding needs, is rapidly becoming a compulsory service for all businesses and even individuals. One option is to have your documents taken off-site to be sorted by teams of people into different grades before being shredded.

The newest and most secure method of secure document destruction is to have your documents shredded in a mobile document shredding truck on site, at your premises where not a single document leaves your business or home in a readable form. We supply you with convenient, secure shredding bins or shredding consoles into which you place your documents ready for collection. This means total security and peace of mind.

We have the latest in mobile document shredding vehicles from North America where there is a whole industry called ‘mobile document destruction’. In fact having your confidential documents shredded on site is best practice in many countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. In a city like Toronto, which has a similar size population to Melbourne, there would be 100+ mobile document shredding vehicles driving around servicing clients. In Melbourne we are the only company specialising in mobile document destruction.

Take the next step in your confidential document security by calling Shred On Site Melbourne 1300 558 876 or Shred On Site Geelong 1300 66 88 37 to find out how our mobile document destruction service can meet your shredding needs.

Outlined below are the differences between each of these service options.


General Waste BinsRecycling BinsIn-House ShreddingOff-Site ShreddingOn-Site Shredding
Is storage bin locked?NoNoNoYesYes
Regular Destruction service?YesYesNoOptionalYes
Time between leaving office and destruction?N/AN/ANone?2 to 5 minutes. Time it takes to take bin to truck.
Does anyone have access to readable documents before destruction?YesYesYesYesNo
Do employees need to spend time removing clips, plastic, folders etc. before destruction?NoNoYes and limit the number of pages per shred.Often Yes or  sometimes additional fees are charged.No – everything goes into the shredder.
Time taken to prepare documents for destruction?None  – just put documents in bin.None  – just put documents in bin.See above, could be hours plus time to do shredding.See above, could be hours.None – just put documents in bin.
Are your confidential documents sorted to increase the resale value of the recycled paper?NoYes, sometimes.NoYesNo
How often is document storage area of truck opened during the day?NoneNoneN/AIf rubbish truck/ compactor – nil , if van twice every pick upNever – rear only opened when truck is full (4 tonnes) and paper is at recycling plant.
Can you witness the destruction process each time?NoNoYesNoYes on the truck’s CCTV cameras
Do you receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records?NoNoNoYesYes
CostsCheapestMinimalOffice standard machine $500-$5,000. Employee time. Disposal of shredded paper.A bit more than most recycling services. Employee preparation time.Equivalent to most off-site shredding services.
Level of Security?LowLowMedium – depends who has accessMedium to HighTotal Security
Who feeds documents into shredder for destruction?N/A?Should be snr manager but often junior employee?Customer Service Operator (Federal Police check)
Can your confidential documents be stockpiled to be destroyed at a later date?YesYesYesYesNo – destroyed immediately.

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