Secure Document Destruction

We provide mobile, on site document destruction services for total security and peace of mind. Whether you are concerned about your own personal information or document security and information getting into the wrong hands, or you are responsible for the personal information of customers/clients, employees or suppliers, our range of services will give you total security and peace of mind.

We service a whole range of businesses from accountants, legal firms, real estate agents, travel agents, recruitment firms, training companies, primary and secondary schools and many other businesses that handle sensitive and confidential information or documents.

As a director, business owner or senior manager, you are responsible for the security of all confidential information from the time of creation to destruction – even if destruction and disposal occurs AFTER it has left your business premises. Make sure destruction occurs ON SITE so you know your responsibility has ended there and then.

Regular Shredding Service

Our regular service (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) is based on emptying your secure lockable bins (120L/240L/100L consoles) that we deliver to you when you sign up. Confidential Document Disposal with Shred On SiteDocuments ready for destruction are deposited through the document opening slot.

Your Customer Service Operator will take your secure bin to our mobile shredding truck, either on your premises or as close as possible, to be emptied and the contents shredded immediately. You can watch the destruction process on the truck’s CCTV.

Security bins are kept locked at all times while at your premises and can only be opened by our Customer Service Operator or a nominated person in your business who holds a key kept in a secure location i.e. safe or locked drawer.

We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm the destruction.

All shredded paper is 100% recycled.

24 Hour Turnaround

We can start your paper shredding service within 24 hours of your call to us. One of our Customer Service Operators will deliver your bin(s) and you are ready to go.

One-off Collection:

Archive Box Shredding/Purge/Office Clean Out

Is it time for that spring, end of financial year or end of term clean up?
Do you need more office or storage space?

Are you about to move offices and have a lot of secure documents that you don’t want to take with you but also don’t want to end up in landfill?

We will come to wherever your files are stored. Your Customer Service Operator will take your secure documents directly to our mobile truck, either on your premises or as close as possible, to be emptied and the contents shredded immediately. You can watch the destruction process on the trucks CCTV.

No Need to Sort – No Additional Fees

There is no need to sort or prepare the files or documents in any way. Our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck can destroy all types of materials including folders, ring binders, lever-arch files, staples, bulldog clips, paper clips and all plastic sleeves and dividers.

And we definitely will not charge you any additional fees for sorting through your confidential information to take out plastic, metal etc. We shred whatever secure documents you give us as long as there isn’t any hazardous waste. We do recommend that, wherever possible, you re-use as much stationery products as possible to save you money and reduce wastage.

When Do We Operate?

We operate during normal business hours Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. However, depending on larger volumes, we can also do jobs after hours or on weekends.

How Long Does it Take?

We have the latest and most advanced shredding equipment from North America from the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturer. The advanced equipment in our mobile shredding trucks can shred 2,200 Kg/h. That is the equivalent to 22 x 240L security bins or 130 document storage boxes (WDH 420 x 315 x 260mm) per hour.

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Shred on site were brilliant. Efficient, very helpful and pleasant to deal with.They answered my email enquiry within the day by phone, I made an appointment time for the van to come to my home for the following week.It arrived on time with a pleasant driver. I watched my documents shredded. They also took away an old printer and phone fax. I highly recommend this service and will use it again.
Great service. 15 years of company accounts gone. I feel cleansed. The truck came. The bin was wheeled in, filled and then all my confidential files were eaten by the truck. Good riddance!!Thankyou ShredOnSite.
This is a great service. They kept me informed of the process, arrived on time and answered the questions I asked. I only had a few cartons but I was treated as if I was a large business. Thank you Shred on Site.
Great service, fast and assured. A fantastic way to deal with all those confidential documents you don't want to have to sort!
Shred on Site did an amazing job shredding 40 years of paperwork and cardboard after closing our drafting business. Great value for money.very efficient, fast and clean. Great for peace of mind. Thank you.
I have used this company both business and personal shredding. All times customer service was excellent and they were oh so helpful. I found the pricing reasonable and have been more than very satisfied with their procedures. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
come right to where the paperwork was boxed. destruction in front of me. Very quick and no mess at all. polite and professional
Great service, we used to use this company for our business shredding when we lived in Melbourne. We now live in a coastal town but were able to meet the truck on it's mobile rounds and have our shredding down in about 5 minutes! Extremely convenient, friendly and easy to organise.
This was so easy to arrange and communication with company was spot on. Everything was as promised. It was cheaper as a one off to take our documents to a site where they had a regular commitment. A quick call to say they would be there in 20 mins. and it was all done. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again or recommend.

Why Choose Shred On Site?

We are a mobile document shredding & destruction company that specialises in shredding confidential documents on-site for total security and peace of mind. All shredded paper is 100% recycled. We provide one-off and regular services.

  • Shred at your Premises
  • Total Security and Peace of Mind
  • Privacy Law Compliant
  • 100% Recycled
  • Cost Effective