Secure document destruction and paper shredding expert Shred On Site is pleased to announce that we have signed on again as a partner for Privacy Awareness Week 2017. Shred On Site is your premier source for paper shredding, secure document destruction, and defence against identity theft in Melbourne.

privacy awareness week 2017 Privacy Awareness Week 2017

At Least 75 Percent of Consumers More Concerned About Privacy Than Five Years Ago

Privacy Awareness Week took place 15 – 19 May. During this event, there was a release of the most up to date version of the Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey (ACAPS). This survey is aimed at maximising privacy protection efforts for both consumers and businesses all around Australia. The Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner has made a presentation on Tuesday 16 May 2017.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 consumers have issues about how their personal information has been handled by an enterprise, and 3 in 4 are more concerned about their personal privacy than they were 5 years ago.

Shred On Site was a Privacy Awareness Partner in 2016, and we are pleased to have contributed to raising awareness about privacy with Australian communities and consumers. We look forward to continuing these efforts in 2017 by contributing to the latest release of the Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey. This study is the longest running national privacy effort in Australia.

Promoting Trust and Transparency

Every year, Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) has a theme. This year, the focus will be, “Trust and Transparency.” This theme speaks to both consumer and community trust in organisations that handle personal information. The goal is that Australian enterprises always treat sensitive data with care and transparency throughout its life cycle.

At Shred On Site, we support the efforts of PAW in helping both consumers and businesses to find common ground about privacy rights and practices. PAW is the regulating office of Australia’s Privacy Act of 1988 and is dedicated to upholding the Act by providing related information and resources to both consumers and companies.

The Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey has been conducted since 2001, and it helps provide a snapshot of the views of Australians regarding:

  • The handling of personal information
  • Emerging privacy trends in public data, technology and big data
  • Governmental use of personal information
  • Data breach protocols
  • Notice and consent
  • Social media and oversharing
  • Secondary use of personal data
  • Identity theft

The goal is to gain a better understanding of how Australians feel about their most important privacy concerns. The data will help Australian businesses and government agencies to meet community expectations about data protection and privacy concerns.

The more upfront organisations are about their practices, the more informed the public can be in their choices. This in turn builds consumer and public confidence in both the private and public sector.

Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Choice

With ever-increasing amounts and uses of personal information, privacy is more prominent than ever in public consciousness. Privacy is ultimately about security, transparency, and choice, and it is vital to freedom of expression and decision-making.

If you wish, you can attend this year’s ACAPS event in person. Regardless, you can count on Shred On Site to add to its reputation this year as Australia’s biggest advocate for business security and protection against identity theft.

Shred On Site is the largest, most experienced, and longest-running onsite secure document destruction and paper shredding company in Victoria. We look forward to representing our clients again this year during Privacy Awareness Week.