Document destruction is one area of business that you definitely can’t afford to take chances with. If you’re making an effort to partner with a provider like Shred on Site for all of your confidential paper shredding and other document destruction needs, you’ve already shown that getting the job done properly is important to you. The last thing that you want to do is put your trust in a company that doesn’t deserve to have it. There are a few key questions that you need to ask your confidential document destruction company to at the very least give you the peace of mind that only comes with knowing your privacy needs are well and truly taken care of.

Compliant Paper Shredding

Compliant Paper Shredding

What Measures Do You Take to Remain Compliant?

Perhaps the most essential question to ask your document destruction company involves the steps that they take to always remain in compliance with the Privacy Amendment Act of 2012. The Act itself has some incredibly specific rules and regulations governing the collection, use, security and access of personal information from the moment that it is created all the way until it is destroyed – which sensitive paper shredding is a big part of.

If your document destruction company isn’t compliant, you can’t expect your business to escape the costly fines, fees and other penalties associated with such a status. Luckily, Shred on Site operates with fastidious compliant document destruction standards at all times.

What Methods Do You Use for Sensitive Paper Shredding?

Another important question to ask your document destruction company involves the type of methods that they use to make sure that a document is truly destroyed in a way that takes the sensitive information contained on it along with it. At Shred on Site, for example, we use an advanced “pierce and tear” shredding method as opposed to the traditional straight line. If documents are shredded in a straight line, it is very possible for them to be pieced back together again given enough time and a little ingenuity.

With a “pierce and tear” method, however, it is virtually impossible for that information to fall into the wrong hands from that point on. Criminals can try to reassemble your shredded documents as long as they’d like – it truly won’t do them any good. Check out how our service works.

At Shred on Site, we offer a wide range of value added services that act as a complete end-to-end solution for all of your sensitive paper shredding and other document destruction needs. In addition to the fact that all of our practices are fully compliant with the Privacy Amendment Act of 2012, we’ll also come to your business and prepare all of your documents on your behalf to make sure that not even a single memo leaves your location in any type of readable form. Not only can we save you huge amounts of money in potential fines from rule and regulation violations, but we’ll also help increase the productivity of your business at the same time.

To establish a secure paper-shredding schedule at your home or office, contact our friendly team today.