Shred On Site Melbourne and Shred On site Geelong may be a relatively new company, but we are already building a reputation as one of Australia’s go-to resources for confidential document destruction, disposal, and shredding. As a business owner, or even as a private individual, you know the importance of confidential document disposal. You know you must comply with laws regarding your confidential paper. Most importantly, you know that you need a reliable solution for disposal of this paper. Shred On Site is your answer. You can trust us to take care of all of your company’s confidential paper shredding needs and disposal of the shredded paper.

Why is Confidential Shredding Important?

Because of the rise of identity theft in Australia, the general public is more concerned than ever about making sure their personal information is protected, and your clients are no exception. Your clients expect that businesses will have a process in place to keep personal and sensitive information secure, not only when you are actively using the information, but when it comes time to destroy confidential documents. If you let a client’s confidential information get stolen, your business could lose money fast.

Your employees also expect proper storage and disposal of their confidential information whether it be kept electronically or on paper. It is important to give your employees this peace of mind, so they can focus on what you pay them to do. The threat of identity theft and Australia’s privacy laws make shredding confidential documents and their disposal an essential business practice.

Shred On Site was founded because of the increased importance of confidential shredding and disposal. Locally owned and operated, Shred On Site is the first business in Victoria to focus solely on mobile document destruction. The owners have extensive business experience, so they understand what it takes to run a business. You can rely on them to take care of all your confidential document disposal needs.

Why Clients Choose Shred On Site

We offer a unique on site shredding service. You store your documents in one of our secure shredding bins, and we come directly to your business to shred your documents. They never leave your business in readable form at the time of disposal. Also, we are committed to providing up-to-date information on the new Privacy Amendment Act, 2012. We want to help you with practical guidelines and implementation advice regarding this new law. Our many customers choose our mobile confidential document destruction service because they know they can rely on us to get the job done right.

One of our clients, a partner in a medical practice, was under the impression that his confidential documents, including patient files, were being destroyed on site. When he found out that the paper documents were actually being taken to a recycling centre to be sorted, by hand, into various paper grades before being shredded, he knew it was time to make a change. Shred On Site saves you time because you do not have to remove staples, bulldog clips, plastic or folders, these are all destroyed in the shredding process and then separated later in the recycling process when the paper is being pulped.

If your company does work with the Federal Government, it is especially important to have a reliable on site shredding service for your paper disposal. We recently heard a story about a company that simply recycled government building plans after submitting their tender for a project. Those same plans ended up in a day care centre for students to use to practise their colouring. This client now introduced a compliant paper disposal solution and shreds its confidential documents every two weeks—on site.

Because of the new privacy laws in Australia, it is crucial for your company to have a reliable shredding service for all their paper. Many companies will not work with businesses that do not have policies and procedures in place to prove that they comply with the new privacy laws. Shred On Site is the perfect answer to all of your confidential shredding needs. We are reliable, safe, and secure. Click here for a quote today, and let us help you destroy all of your confidential documents, on site. No paper will leave your premises in a readable form.