Shred On Site is pleased to be participating in Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) this year, 13 – 19 May. As a supporter (or a “supPAWter,” as the organisation calls its advocates), we strive to embody the principles and ideas around best practice in privacy. We pledge to deliver the very best in cutting-edge world’s best practices in secure onsite mobile document shredding, secure document destruction, e-waste, and recycling services across Melbourne.

2018 marks the 30 year anniversary of the 1988 Australian Privacy Act. This legislation has revolutionised efforts toward the responsible use of personal information in business, government and in a personal capacity online. Increased data mobility and analysis in research, policy-making and evolving the Australian economy are additional benefits.

Privacy: From Principles to Practice

This year’s Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) theme is “Privacy: from principles to practice.” Throughout this week, Australian organisations are encouraged to review how they handle personal data and look to see how they might improve their practices. Doing so improves consumer trust, public assurance and assists organisations in being better able to navigate environments that have become increasingly data-rich.

This week is also a time for individuals to examine their own personal privacy practices and look for ways to minimise risk. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is available to assist with questions.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental elements of privacy. Individuals must have a high degree of control and choice, and organisations should set themselves up in a way that respects each individual’s dignity and wellbeing. A respect for privacy is vital to building trust among all parties and responsibly handling personal information.

A Commitment to Responsible Handling of Sensitive Information

In 2018, a number of new regulations were introduced to enhance privacy in both the public and private sectors. The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) formalises the expectation of organisations to notify people about data breaches that could cause them serious harm. The European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect for all EU Australian businesses on 25 May.

At Shred On Site, we are committed to the objectives of Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) and the 2018 theme, “Privacy: from principles to practice.” To this end, we align with the goals of:

  • Reassess current systems and culture
  • Develop new processes as needed
  • Ensure customers’ personal information and privacy is first

During Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 13 – 19 May, there was a business breakfast Monday 14 May at The Westin Sydney.  Sheila FitzPatrick was the keynote speaker. She is a data privacy expert and recognised EU and international data protection law expert. She provided thoughts on General Data Protection Regulation and how it is set to influence privacy worldwide.

The Acting Australian Information Commissioner and Acting Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk launched Privacy Awareness Week 2018 and opened the breakfast. At the sold-out event, a business panel also dived into the reality of modern privacy practice in Australia and how businesses are responding to the new privacy developments. The panellists included Lisa Schutz, Founder and CEO of InFact Decisions and Verifier, Tommy Viljoen, National Lead Partner for Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance at Deloitte and Emma Hossack, CEO at Extensia. The panel was moderated by former Australian Privacy Commissioner, Malcolm Crompton.

Shred On Site’s paper shredding, secure document destruction and e-waste collection and recycling services are an integral part of an effective privacy policy for businesses and individuals. If you require any assistance in Victoria with these services or would like to discuss any privacy related issues feel free to contact us.