As a company, Shred On Site is a huge supporter of paper recycling. We know how important it is to reuse the paper that’s destroyed in our mobile shredding unit. We do quite a bit of paper shredding, after all, and we want to make sure that the paper pulp doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Have you ever thought about exactly what happens to paper after it is recycled? The answers might surprise you.

Cardboard Box Made from Recycled Paper

What Happens to Paper After it is Recycled

When pulped paper is recycled, it is used to help manufacture new products. There are many different uses for recycled paper, and the products made from recycled paper actually cost about the same as those made from other resources. You can do your part for the environment by purchasing recycled goods, and you won’t be spending much, if any, extra money to do so. What are some of the products made from recycled paper?

  1. Office Paper. This is probably the most obvious use for recycled paper. It can be found in several different colours and weights at most office supply stores.
  2. Toilet Paper and Tissues. These items are made from white and coloured recycled papers. Processors rinse them several times to remove dyes and then sanitise them. Many are also bleached, which is not particularly environmentally-friendly. However, you can buy natural coloured toilet paper and tissues.
  3. Paper Towels and Napkins. Yes, your recycled confidential documents can become a paper napkin to be used at someone’s birthday party.
  4. Greeting Cards. Greeting card companies are getting into the recycling game more and more. Recycled paper is used for everything from birthday cards to invitations. If you want to buy cards made from recycled office paper, check the back of the card. It should say whether or not it is made from recycled paper.
  5. Cardboard. This handy material is used to package many different items, including cereal, eggs, pizza and your latest online order. And yes, cardboard is made with recycled office paper. Take a look at the carton of eggs next time you shop – if it’s made from recycled paper, it will be labelled.
  6. Magazines and Newspapers. Many of these reading materials are printed on recycled paper. Not sure if your daily newspaper is using recycled materials? Give them a call! And make sure to throw that newspaper into the recycling bin when you’re finished with it.

What about Other Recyclables?

You probably recycle other items besides paper at your office. Recycled plastic has a wide array of uses, including being remade into buckets, containers, playground equipment and even backpacks and sleeping bag insulation. Metal cans are recycled into car parts, bicycles, and appliances. Newspapers can be turned into anything from cat litter to paper plates.

We recycle everything we shred. If you are ready to start shredding your confidential papers, you’re in good hands with us. We will do what we can to protect your business and protect the environment.