When people think about secure document destruction, one area that they often let slip by them has to do with corporate apparel, clothing and uniforms. When you really stop to think about it, how different is a piece of stationary and an employer-issued jacket if they both have your company logo on them? They represent both your organization and what it stands for in an essentially equal way, which is why clothing destruction and related services are so important.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Dispose of Clothing and Uniforms Properly

One of the most pressing issues that you’ll run into after failing to dispose properly of official business clothing is one of mistaken identity. If a person with malicious intentions is able to get hold of the very specific type of uniform, such as an emergency services one, they could easily misrepresent themselves as a member of your team to other employees or even to clients. Even if the misrepresentation is completely unintentional, this is still an issue that you don’t want to have to deal with.

Another issue that is caused by the failure to properly destroy clothing, uniforms and other items is one of confusion. In the world of business, your brand is hugely important and your corporate logo plays a huge role in that. Your corporate logo is designed to invoke an immediate feeling in all customers who see it. What happens if you’ve recently gone through a rebranding and have a completely new logo but still have employees out in the field with old uniforms? The answer is that customers can get confused, which is the type of issue that you absolutely don’t want to deal with as a business owner.

Uniforms For Shredding

Uniforms For Shredding


Shred on Site Clothing Destruction

Shred on Site Melbourne has the tools and the technology necessary to not only take care of your paper shredding needs, but also your corporate apparel, clothing and uniform destruction needs in one fell swoop. The same mobile onsite shredding vehicles that can take care of paper, binders, files and other materials will also be able to handle most of your uniform destruction services that you require. You don’t have to worry about items leaving the property in a usable form, or needing faith in your provider that everything will be destroyed as specified. You can even watch all of the action unfold (no pun intended) in real-time using a state-of-the-art CCTV system. Depending on the material being shredded, it can often be used in recycled products. Otherwise, it will be sent to landfill where it can never be reused.

When it comes to something as important as secure document destruction services in Melbourne, you always want to make sure you’re not just choosing a service provider, but a true partner who understands just how mission-critical this function really is. Shred on Site is proud to offer more than just paper shredding – it can also act as your premiere source for all of your corporate apparel destruction, uniform and other clothing destruction services that you might need. Contact us today for all your shredding needs.