As a business owner, preparation is an important part of your everyday life in a wide range of different ways. You wouldn’t go into a meeting with a client without first doing the proper preparation, right? Of course not – you would be doing both the client and ultimately your business a disservice. Preparing to have your secure documents shredded operates on much the same concept, but it is unfortunately one that people tend to pay inadequate attention to until it’s too late. If you want to prepare your secure documents for shredding in Melbourne, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Shred On Site Mobile Document Shredding

Shred On Site Mobile Document Shredding

What Preparing for Secure Document Destruction Does NOT Mean

Many people assume that preparing for secure document destruction means that they have to remove all binders, staples, paper clips and more before their important items can be turned over to the professionals. This is absolutely not the case – at least not as far as Shred on Site is concerned. While other companies may require you to spend time and effort meeting this requirement, that is not a concern that you have to have with Shred on Site. We’ll shred it all and will even handle corporate apparel destruction, uniform destruction, general clothing destruction and more in addition to traditional paper shredding.

Instead, preparation in this sense involves making sure that you’ve selected the right service that fits your business and its current needs in the best way.

Considerations to Make During Preparation

The best way to make sure that you’re prepared for sensitive paper shredding and other secure document destruction is to choose the type of service that meets your needs and being aware of how the system works. If you’re the type of business that has a large volume of items that will need to be properly disposed of on a regular basis, you can establish a regular shredding schedule. We will supply you with lockable shredding bins in which to place your documents earmarked for destruction. Then a Customer Service Operator will move your bins to our onsite mobile shredding truck where you can watch your items being destroyed on CCTV. Your Shred on Site representative will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction for your audit records ensuring nothing leaves your property in a readable form.

If you aren’t the type of business that requires a regular visit on a set schedule, you can also make use of our Shred on Site one-off service for office clean outs and the like. Whenever the need arises to have documents securely and properly destroyed, Shred on Site will deliver a waste bin right to your business’ doorstep so that items can be properly sorted for removal and destruction. One of our Customer Service Representatives will even be able to assist you in all of this, making sure that you don’t have to waste valuable time sorting documents. Shred on Site is a AAA Certified company that offers the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that your secure document destruction needs are well and truly taken care of.